my sugar story

all my life i had an intense relationship with sugar. i remember as a child eating with my mom a can of sweetened condensed milk like others would eat peanut butter or nutella right out of a jar. or my grandma made me egg yolks with sugar. i always had a huge sweet tooth, others ate one cupcake and had already enough, i could eat at least 2 of them. i always would choose chocolate over pizza. it got better when i started eating healthy and it got even better when i started to avoid white sugar, but i still found myself sometimes eating a bar of dark chocolate right in the kitchen, dunked in peanut butter, as has happened last tuesday. so i knew i had to do something. i knew i was sugar addicted, but as i was thinking about the amount of sugar i was eating every day, i was shocked:​


  • - acv with agave syrup

  • - breakfast bowl with fruits and sweetened granola

  • - energy bar after lunch

  • - fruit as a snack

  • - chocolate after dinner

  • - hot chocolate with coconut sugar even if every type of sugar in my meals was healthy, it was still sugar that always had me on a high blood sugar level.

“Blood sugar (Glucose) is created when we break down carbohydrates in the body. insulin is then released by the pancreas into the blood stream to regulate blood sugar and transfer it into our cells. ideally, we want to keep our blood sugar stabilized during the day, not to low and not to high. The more carbohydrate-rich foods we consume, the more insulin is needed to transport the glucose into our blood stream and cells, which leaves the pancreas having to work harder (damaging the body overtime). if this continues, our bodies become predisposed to having to produce these consistently high levels of insulin and makes weight loss increasingly more difficult.”

​ Quelle: rachaelsgoodeats




so i decided to do a sugar detox, to help find balance with sugar. luckily i am following a lot of great nutritionists on instagram and i knew @rachaelsgoodeats was doing a 7 day sugar detox sometimes and i thought it’s the perfect amount of time to see how that will work out for me. i knew already many types of food which don’t contain sugar, as the leefromamerica fat balls, who I made right away (tuesday night). i had tuesday off and already prepped my lunches and dinners for the week and made sure that those are all sugar free, mostly soup and roasted veggies. i checked my pantry and fridge for products i could and couldn’t eat and thought about alternatives.



​​there are 0-2 servings fruit per day allowed, so i choose my favorite fruit blueberries (luckily they are already low on sugar) and ate them in 5 meals during this detox. i also found a fruit based snack i could ate at 3 days at work when i had the late shift. i also made some homemade sugar free chocolate almond butter mini cups as a mix up to my regular dark chocolate.




example for a sugar free day:

  • - acv (without agave syrup)

  • - sugar detox matcha collagen smoothie

  • - fat ball after lunch

  • - baby carrots or nuts as a snack

  • - 100 % cacao chocolate dipped in all natural nut butter after dinner

  • - hot chocolate without coconut sugar (I used coconut butter as a sweetener)



so now i knew why, how and what i had to do. i began my first day with a sunny outdoor run, before i had a fat ball to give me energy and my matcha collagen smoothie after the run for breakfast. i also took a few fat balls with me to work. a few hours after my smoothie, i felt nauseous and not energized at all. i definitely felt that my body was having trouble getting along with the “no sugar” situation. first thing i positively noticed after lunch, i didn’t had that afternoon sweet craving, which i usually

​​tend to have. second day and my body was in the middle of detoxing, but that doesn’t meant i wouldn’t go for an outdoor run, because i love to start the day with a run. Exercise is very important for a healthy lifestyle, but that’s another blog post i wrote. i had the late shift, so i had time to eat breakfast, why i made me myself some sweet potato toasts (i wasn’t in the mood for bread) topped with avocado, almond butter and blueberries. day 3 was easy, no cravings at all, i also started to really listen to my body, if he was hungry or not, something i thought i forgot over the years, specially with my ed and dietary histories. one negative aspect of this detox came on this day: dry skin. i never had this dry skin all over my body in my life.



“Removing sugar can even help clear up your skin. Sugar is dehydrating and can contribute to increased oil production. It also breaks down collagen, the most prominent protein found in our bodies.”

Quelle: rachaelsgoodeats

on day 4 i had the day off and went again for a long outside run and stopped at starbucks for a matcha latte, only to find out it’s sugar free. when i came home, i wasn’t hungry for breakfast at all, good sign that i listened to my body again. i got hungry a few hours later and not, as usual for something sweet, i was in the mood for something



savory. we passed by a falafel shop (second negative aspect: when you eating out, you always have to ask every time about added sugar, even in savory foods) and that was exactly what i wanted, i also found satisfaction in snacking on a cucumber (i didn’t do in years) we bought at the farmers market. after all these savory foods, my sweet tooth kicked in in the afternoon. i prepared a plain coconut yogurt bowl with blueberries and unsweetened granola and almond butter and everything was fine again. day 5 was a sunday and we went hiking, of course i had all my sugar free, prepared food with me such as overnight oats (sweetened with coconut butter & cacao nibs), fat balls, baby carrots, cucumber and nuts. third negative aspect of this detox was muscle pain. i usually don’t have muscle pain after my workouts, but during the detox, i had it almost every day. the last days i didn’t really thought about the detox, it was totally integrated in my nutrition. i was craving some fruits (maybe because it’s strawberry season and i saw them everywhere), that’s why i made myself a big blueberry smoothie on my last day.

so what did i learn about these 7 days? let me tell you. as i write this blog post it’s been my second day out of the detox. i think there are different types of sugar (sugar from fruits, sugar from dry fruits and healthy sugar like coconut sugar or maple syrup). i am now in the best position to learn how my body responds to all the different types and what’s best for it (i already know that refined sugar isn’t good for my body and myself). that’s why i will test myself, by eating one typ of sugar only once a day for the next days. i had a banana smoothie yesterday for breakfast and was feeling in the mood for something sweet for hours. i had half of an energy bar (dried fruit) today for breakfast and felt normal, maybe because i was occupied with writing this blog post. i am looking forward to continue the journey of listening to my body and help him to give what he needs and deserves for all the work that he does, so i can live my best life.