strawberries were an attribute from the love goddess venus, people believed that it is a symbol of sexual lust and prejudice.


it´s the middle of june, which means strawberries are in season right now. i see them at every grocery store, in every magazine and on every post in social media. but do we really know all the benefits from the little red fruit?


strawberries are one of my favorite berries (no 1: blueberries). i like to remember that, when i was a little girl and i was with my grandma in her yard, we picked some fresh strawberries. i usually ate them right away. i didn’t eat any strawberries last year, because it was my second month of my “sugar free life” and i thought strawberries had to much sugar. when i think about it today, i know that it was not the best decision, because i did my research about berries and i like to share their benefits with you…




  • great food to loose weight: strawberries have only 32 calories to 100g, 0.4g  fat, 5.4g carbs and 0.8g protein. strawberries are also great when you’re in the middle of changing your nutrition and want to eat something sweet. but be careful: they are only healthy without extra sugar or whipped cream

  • great source of vitamins: when you eat 200g of strawberries, you receive all the vitamin c you need in a day. 100g strawberries contain 60mg vitamin c. the darker they are, the more vitamin c they have.

  • great source of folic acid: strawberries have more folic acid then any other fruit. the human body can´t produce this b-vitamin on its own, but needs it for cell division, so they’re specially perfect for pregnant women, because folic acid can protect the unborn child of deformations

  • boosts your immune system: not only the vitamin c in strawberries supports the immune system. strawberries also contain secondary plant compounds, like a lot of polyphenols. those can destroy viruses and prevent for inflammatory.

  • protects the cells: not only the secondary plant compounds in strawberries are helpful, they have  many antioxidants, like flavonoid, too. an important effect of flavonoids is the scavenging of free radicals. flavonoids can posses anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic properties.

  • helps the heart: studies have shown, that strawberries can help reduce the development of harmful residue in the blood vessels and protect from heart diseases. strawberries are also good for balancing the blood sugar

  • brain food: a us study has shown that people who are often eating strawberries, have a lesser chance of a reduction of brain functionality

  • it´s not for everybody: 5 to 7 Prozent of all germans have an allergic reaction to strawberries, typically people who are also allergic to pollen. typical symptoms can be for example: itchy neck, pustules on the tongue, swollen lips or tongue, inflammation in the mouth, skin irritation and redness. the worst case would be a anaphylactic shock. if you notice any of those symptoms, you should immediately contact a doctor

strawberry-chocolate millet porridge


one serving


1/3 cup millet

1/2 cup oat milk 

1/2 tsp ceylon-cinnamon

1 tbsp 100 % cacao powder

1 tbsp cacao nibs

strawberries for decoration


mix all ingredients in a small pot and cook on medium heat for a few minutes until it thickens. sprinkle some more cacao nibs on top and decorate with strawberries

erdbeer-schololaden hirsebrei